Become a RIM member

Benefit to RIM members

Category A to E (Full Member) & Category F (Associate Member)

  • Having your views and concerns being represented by RIM on various Music Industry committees and associations, both local and international;
  • To submit nominations for Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) Awards;
  • To be entitled to the benefits of RIM’s anti piracy enforcement activities, subject to enforcement carried out for Category A to E;
  • To participate in the events organized by RIM; and
  • To be eligible for selection by RIM to participate at regional/international music competitions.

Categories of Membership

There are 7 categories of RIM membership, all of which are set out in the RIM application form.Category A to F are for producers and exclusive licensees; Category G is reserved for manufacturers and printers. Category F and G members are Associate members. However only Category G members are not eligible for PPM royalty distribution.

Category Status Sales per year (RM000’000) Subscription Fee
Category A Member Full Member More Than 20 RM15,000/-
Category B Member Full Member 10 - 20 RM10,000/-
Category C Member Full Member 5 - 10 RM5,000/-
Category D Member Full Member 2 - 5 RM2,500/-
Category E Member Full Member Less than 2 RM1,500/-
Category F Member Associate Member Level 1 RM250/-
Category G Member Associate Member Level 2 RM3,000/-

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Recording Company or Business must first be registered at the Companies Commission of Malaysia
  • Completed the membership application forms
  • The completed application form must thereafter be returned to us with a copy of the following documents :
    • a photocopy/softcopy of the Form incorporating your Company or Business (ie.Form 24 or 49 if Company; Form B if business);
    • a sample of your product, if any;
    • your letterhead; and
    • your logo (as well as licensing logo, if any) basically this is any logo which you will be using/applying in relation to your product.
  • Applications for the membership are decided upon by the Council who have absolute discretion both on granting or refusal of such applications.